Vintange Engagement Ring Styles

On television and in modern day films, the typical woman will end up wearing a diamond engagement band that her fiancée flashed at them while proposing on a bent knee.

Now, have you ever noticed that those rings all sort of look the same? Is there a generic “TV engagement ring” depot where they get all their props from?

If so, shall we avoid it?

I think so…

love diamond ring

Those of us who live in the real world have varied tastes and personalities, and it’s important to choose a ring that’s best suited to the bride’s individuality. One person might love all things frilly and floral and might do well with a curlicued poesy ring, while another woman’s admiration for vintage designs would best suit an antique Art Deco engagement ring.

Whether you’re picking out a ring for yourself or looking for a ring for your special someone, there are countless of styles available to please everyone. The bottomline is, every bride is unique and her engagement ring should be too.

For awesome looking vintage ring designs, this is a resource you want to check out as well.

With all that said, let me show you my favorite vintage ring designs of all time…

Swirling Diamond Engagement Ring From Topazery

vintage diamond ring

Made of 18k white gold, this feminine ring is covered in swirling scroll patterns. It showcases tiny diamonds that are set within the band and at the top of the setting. When viewed from various angles, the ring always has little details for you to admire and it would be ideal for a few simple words to be inscribed on the inner band.

Perfect for: Jane Austen fans, avid knitters, and lovers of silk, lace, and velvet.

Not ideal for: mountain bikers, Picasso enthusiasts, welders, acid jazz musicians.

Tiffany Gold Owl Engagement Ring, via Erstwhile Jewelry

tiffany vintage wedding ring

With a ring like this, you can be sure none of your friends will show up wearing the same thing. This 18k yellow gold engagement ring is etched with patterns and details.

This isn’t just a ring—it’s a conversation piece, and a wearable work of art. Who needs shiny stones when you have owl eyes to wear?

Perfect for: art lovers, indie design chicks, avid readers, fans of Clash of the Titans

Not great for: trend-watching fashionistas, anyone who has ever watched Sex and the City

Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring From Natalia’s Diamonds

antique diamond ring

The classic architectural lines of this platinum Art Deco-style ring make it a timeless piece that goes with many attires. It’s elegant and feminine without being “girly”, and also it is regal without being cold. This engagement band is exquisite and can be passed on to future generations.

Perfect for: ladies who channel the silver screen goddesses like Hedy Lamarr, Greta Garbo, and co.

Not great for: anyone who has ever said the word “bling” when it wasn’t ironic or part of a joke.

Ariel Single Diamond Engagement Ring From Catbird

solitaire yellow gold ring

This sweet little ring is ideal for the girl who loves all the beautiful things life has to offer. Far from being ostentatious or showy, the single diamond in an 18k yellow gold setting is just large enough to be noticeable and small enough to be modest.

Perfect for: English Lit majors, cupcake bakers, rose gardeners, midnight picnic fans.

Not great for: powerhouse lawyers, heavy metal drummers.

Pulse of My Heart Poesy Engagement Ring Via Sapphire Lane

vintage diamond ring

Sweetly romantic, this silver band etched with Gaelic script is a reproduction of a 17th century ring originally made in Dublin. Though this vintage designed engagement ring itself is a simple one, the sentiment inscribed on it pours forth from the soul.

Perfect for: dewy-eyed Irish lasses, vintage bicycle riders, passionate sweethearts.

Not great for: Jersey Shore fans, glitter-holics, Prada fanatics, stamp-collectors.

So, which are the designs that you like most? Let us know by leaving a comment below to share your thoughts.